FAWEGAM held its 8th General Assembly in January and some of the resolutions of the General Assembly are to expand the membership base of the organization and to raise funds to build the FAWEGAM Secretariat.

The FAWEGAM secretariat and fundraising committee with directive from the Board of Directors is therefore embarking on a mass sensitization and recruitment drive from Banjul to Brikama. Conducting sensitizing on girls’ education, our work and its impact on girls’ education in the Gambia.

They are also organizing FAWEGAM Week and the strategy is to hold a week of activities to bring FAWEGAM in the lime light. This is scheduled from the 22nd to the 29th of May 2015. The week will be opened with a March pass from West Field to the FAWEGAM Secretariat at GTU Complex on May 22nd starting at 9:30AM followed by a Women’s Dialogue. The Dialogue is to bring women together to discuss issues that affect women; they will discuss health issues, education, agriculture and other social issues.

On May 29th FAWEGAM will hold the first ever FAWEGAM Awards Dinner at the Gambia Hotel School starting at 8:00PM. The purpose for this dinner is twofold, first is to thank those that have been there for us and raising funds to start the construction of the FAWEGAM headquarters.

Theme: “Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity: Picture it!” Investing in women and girls

Original Post date: 22nd May 2015

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