Conduct radio programs on the NDP in 6 community radios

There should be twenty radio airtime of one hour for sensitization and information sharing to be conducted in different radios station across the length and breadth of the country

 These programmes are meant to inform the general citizens on the findings of the successes and gaps identified during the implementation of the just ended National Development Plan (NDP -2018-2021), and the development stages and implementation progress of its successor . The other consortium member in this CSO Watchdog project is FAWEGAM. FAWEGAM was also responsible of implementing certain activities in this quarter. Below are the activities implemented by FAWEGAM with collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

FAWEGAM being a member of the CSO coalition of the CSO Watch Dog “STAR” a partner being responsible for the implementation of this said activity, started the implementation in the month of April11th to 15th ,2022 in four community radios with the maiden program conducted in Brikama FMB Community Radio in West Coast Region,where the consortium formed a delegation to introduce the STAR project to the populace. Then the other the programmes were conducted at Soma Community Radio in Lower River Region, Brikamaba Community Radio in Central River Region and Taxi FM Radio Basse in the Upper River Region.

 In June 20th to 23rd FAWEGAM went on a second leg of radio talk show programs implementation in other three community radios namely, North Bank Region Community Radio in Kerewan, Paradise FM radio in Farafenni and also in Buwam Community Radio in Foni, West Coast Region.

All the radio talk show was conductedin community radios mentioned above with panelist drawn from different works of life, project staff, education Officers, Community Development Officers, media practitioners, politician and other relevant stakeholders See.

 These were life phoning program where people had the opportunity to call and ask questions or give their comments. This was meant to increased awareness on the NDP and it successor and to inform citizens and non citizens’ resident in the country on their role in the attainment of the NDP.


In the first two quarters being from January to June, FAWEGAM have conducted seven radio talk shows in seven community radios as highlighted above. However, being the first radio program in all the communities, the discussions were centered on sensitizing the general public on the existence of the “STAR” project, it’s aims and objectives, the target groups and their roles and responsibilities in the implementation of the project.  A panel of 3 members were always drawn from the Target groups in each of the communities the program is held to moderate the radio programmes in the regions among which were; Regional Education Directorate, Senior Education Officers, Regional Community Development Officers, government department regional staff and the Star Project Officers.

 The content of the sensitization programs was:

  1. Background information on the EU CSO Watch Dog “STAR” Program in the Gambia.
  2. Funding and Implementing partners.
  3. Program Overall and Specific Objective.
  4. Program Expected Results.
  5. Consortium Project: Enhancing Civil Society Capacity for Increased Participation in the implementation of the NDP and Its Successor in the Gambia.
  6. Project special focus areas
  7. Project objectives
  8. Stakeholders in the project implementation and their roles in the project implementation.
  9. Target groups to be engaged in the action implementation.
  10. Project final beneficiaries
  11. Project activities
  12. Project budget and duration.

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