Educate the Girls, A Film by Dutch Students

A group of education students from Amsterdam, who visited FAWEGAM, made a short documentary film about girls education in The Gambia. ‘Educate the Girls’ is a film about girls education in The Gambia. A group of 35 students and teachers from the University of Amsterdam went there for a study trip with a special interest in education and child development. They visited a number of organizations, like FAWEGAM, that work hard to reach gender parity in the Gambian education system.


Video | These Girls (and a Boy) Explain Why They are in TUSEME Club

We can tell you what we think about the Tuseme clubs, but why not instead ask the students themselves what they think? These girls (and a boy) tell you what being in the Tuseme clubs has done for their lives. ‘It is high time we all come together as one, and work together in order to achieve the goals we are working for.’ What those goals are, you can find here