About us


We support Girls and Women to Acquire Education for Development.

Fawegam is The Gambia Chapter of the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE). This Association is a non-political, voluntary, charitable and non sectarian organization. It brings together African Women Ministers in charge of National Education Systems, Vice Chancellors of Universities in Africa, Senior Women Policy Markers and other Prominent Women committed to "Supporting Girls and Women to acquire Education for development."


Our Vision: A World in which gender disparities in education are eliminated and all African girls have access to education, perform well and complete their studies.

Our Mission: to promote gender equity and equality in education in Africa by fostering positive policies, practices and attitudes towards girls’ education.

In keeping with this vision and mission The Gambia Chapter is committed to “creating an enabling environment for the Girl Child to be an educated, responsible, and assertive citizen in line with Education for All.”


Policy Advocacy: To continue influencing the integration of gender issues in education policies and plans in order to improve girls’ access, retention and performance.

Scaling – up of interventions: To continue to replicate FAWE’s Gender responsive interventions in order to scale them up in more countries, while developing new models to address emerging challenges in girls’ education.

Community Advocacy: To advocate for girls education and gender equity in education at community level

Capacity Building: To build the National chapter   to improve its functionality and ability to deliver programs and influence policy.

Restructuring: To undertake organizational development in order to ensure the sustainability of the organization and enhance the effectiveness of its structures and programs

Monitoring & Evaluation: To institutionalize on effective monitoring and evaluation system across the entire organization.

Description of the Organization

FAWEGAM is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) supporting Girls and Young Women to acquire Education for Development, working in collaboration with the Ministry for Basic and Secondary Education (MOBSE) to meet the Education for All goals (EFA) and MDGs.

FAWE’s headquarters is based in Nairobi; The Gambia chapter FAWEGAM has a membership of women and men interested in the education of women and girls. The Forum‘s activities among others are the Ambassadors Girls Scholarship program (AGSP)up to 2011 has sponsored 800 girls and 125 boys in West Coast Region from grade Seven to nine and 114 Girls and 84 boys in Senior secondary schools. FAWEGAM has also sponsored 80 students who are pursuing tertiary education through collaboration with Insight Training Centre in Churchill’s Town. Other successful activities are the Take our Daughters to Work, Math, Science and   Technology Clinics, Career days and recently, the “TUSEME” ( let’s speak out) with clubs established in seven Upper Basic Schools.


 Clubs nationwide; they are trained to become advocates in education to influence Policies on Girls’, Gender Equity and Women’s Rights. The Mother’s Clubs are involved in community mobilization and sensitization in education and other community development initiatives. They undertake income generating activities from the seed money given by UNICEF through FAWEGAM for the clubs and schools sustenance. They mentor the girls, support and compliment the guidance and counselling units in the schools.

The American Embassy in Banjul pilot project on empowering rural women through mobile phones to improve communication and access to information with a start of one thousand women benefiting in the Upper River Region has been an effective medium for advocacy.

FAWEGAM has conducted several researches including Early and forced marriage, Girls education in the Gambia and policy dialogue with stakeholders.

The National Chapter has a good working relationship with Government through the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, The Ministry of Women Affairs, Women’s Bureau, International Embassies such as The American Embassy in Banjul, UNICEF, UNDP AND UNFPA, Action Aid International The Gambia, African Centre for Democracy and Human Right Studies, The Association of Non Governmental Organization, West Africa Network for Peace Building, Education for All Campaign Network, The Gambia Teachers’ Union, The Child Protection Alliance, GAMCOTRAP, World View International and many other civil society organization, just to mention but a few.

RECENT Activities:

  • Promoting Rights in Schools program, a consortium consisting of FAWEGAM, EFANet, GTU, NSGA & CPA. Funded by AATG
  • Conduct radio programs in collaboration with partners on the Promotion of rights
  • Conduct research on Child Marriage, contracted by the Department of Social Welfare and funded by AATG
  • Conduct research on the use of the Internet in Schools funded by AATG
  • Capacity building of 60 Mothers clubs in CRR and URR
  • Provision of seed money for Mothers clubs funded by UNICEF
  • Setting up of Mothers clubs
  • Setting up of TUSEME Clubs
  • Conduct community sensitization on the importance of girls education
  • Conducting community sensitization on Gender Based Violence
  • Training of Mothers Clubs in guidance and counselling for girls
  • Conduct STEM competition at school, Regional and National Levels with two winners from St. Josephs SSS in Banjul and Nasir Ahmadia SSS in Basse sponsored to attend the Africa competition in Nairobi Kenya. Funding came from the FAWE Regional Secretariat in Nairobi

Activities Include

  • FAWEGAM advocates for and ensures that the Education For All Goals are achieved by 2015
  • FAWEGAM networks with Government Institutions, NGO’s and Development Partners to increase investment in education
  • FAWEGAM conducts advocacy for STEM and TVET
  • FAWEGAM Supports women in the grass roots through capacity building of Mothers Clubs
  • FAWEGAM gives maximum support to women in key positions so that they may influence policy decisions and not become sidelined
  • FAWEGAM lobbies for bills concerning issues affecting the development of girls and women to be passed in parliament
  • FAWEGAM seeks for support of needy girls so they can acquire education
  • FAWEGAM assists young girls and women to build their self esteem and to be able to face the challenges in life
  • FAWEGAM advocates and provides support to girls so they excel in male dominated professions

    Outreach of programs
    FAWEGAM Operates Nationwide. Its target beneficiaries are girls in school they support the TUSEME clubs. It also support the women linked with education of girls as in the case of the mothers clubs. FAWEGAM’s added value is its experience in grassroots programs rendering support to vulnerable girls who are hard to reach and are outside the scope of governments interventions and vast experience in intervention of early marriage or domestic violence.


Outreach of Programs

To support FAWEGAM achieve its targets in the empowerment of women and girls:

Please send your support to Eco Bank Gambia c/o FAWEGAM :

Account Number – 0010084901080201

BBAN Number – 00 8201008108020158



Mrs. Yadicon Njie-Eribo

National Coordinator

Mr. Martin M. Mendy

Senior Programs Officer

Mrs. Oley Cham Jallow


Miss. Joanna Mendy

Program Officer

Mrs.Sainabou Sain Sumbundu