Training of School Girls on Mensural Hygiene and Climate Change

Climate change has affected the economic source of vulnerable farming communities especially women who are not educated and have limited options of income sources but only farming and forest products. As the financial income of women have been affected by climate change, this activity seeks to raise the awareness of school girls as future mothers to take mitigating strategies so as not to fall victims of climate change effects as their mothers. As menstruation is a natural phenomenon, which can have a negative effect on the girls’ attendance in school, there is a need for the girls’ awareness to be raised on how they can effectively manage their menstruation in a hygienic and healthy manner by using safe, economic and environmentally friendly products. Menstruation can therefore, be an opportunity to create employment, improve girls’ attendance and improve the country’s economy through the local production, marketing and utilization of the reusable sanitary pads as a climate friendly products.

Training girls on the importance of menstrual health and hygiene management and to serve as advocates of the reusable sanitary pads as an effective, economical and potential product for income generation for mothers’ clubs as a mitigating strategy of climate change effects on their economic source of income. The activity also seeks to raise the awareness of girls understanding of the effects of poor menstrual health and hygiene management on their attendance and performance in school so as to serve as advocates of the reusable sanitary pads product in a form of marketing for its acceptance and usage by both in and out of school girls as the main target beneficiaries.



A total of six hundred (600) participants in three regions namely: Upper River, Central River and North Bank Regions. Sixty (60) schools including Senior secondary, Upper and Basic Cycle Schools inclusive in the above three stated regions were reached:



  • To create awareness on the effect of climate change in our communities.
  • To create awareness on the negative and positive effects of menstruation on the environment.
  • To advocate and promote the use of climate friendly products in our daily life.
  •  To create the awareness of the girls on the negative effects of the disposable sanitary pads on the environment and its health and economic effects.
  • To create girls’ awareness on the reusable sanitary, its health, economic and environmentally friendly positive effect it can have on our population.