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Project: Peace Building Project on Climate Change

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Jallow Kunda Demba and Hiafa Communities

Forum for African Women Educationalists, Gambia chapter, from the 13th to 18th October 2021, trained one hundred and fifty (150) Women Farmers to build their capacity to conduct awareness raising to address climate change induced conflicts in their communities and surrounding. 

Walliba Community                                                                Kudang Community

The six targeted communities are namely: Walliba and Perai Tenda in the Upper River Region, Tamba Koto in the North Bank Region; Kudang and Temengi  in the Central River Region South and Jallow Kunda Demba and Hiafa in the Central River Region North which are also among the ten communities identified in a Need assessment of communities affected by climate change and conflict in NBR,CRR and URR from 14th -18 July, 2020

Jallow Kunda and Hiafa Communities

The overall objective of the session is to strengthen the target communities’ resilience against the impacts of climate change and conflicts.

 Below are few specific objectives of the training:

  • To increase participants’ knowledge on climate change and its consequences on agricultural land production
  • To strengthen community coping mechanisms against climate change risks and conflicts in beneficiary communities
  • To help in reducing climate induced conflicts in the target communities

Temengi and Medina Toben

Tamba Koto Community

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