Institutionalization of Regional Network of Mothers’ Clubs from 26th to 28th March,2021

Institutionalization of Regional Network of Mothers’ Clubs in Central River Region-Janjanbureh, Lower River Region - Jarra Soma and North Bank Region- Farafenni from 26th to 28th March,2021

The Forum for African Women Educationalists, Gambia Chapter (FAWEGAM) in collaboration with Education For  All Campaign Network (EFANet) with grant funding support from the Education Out Loud-(ELO) have conducted a three days activity to institutionalize Mothers Clubs Networks. A one-day sensitization and assessment was conducted for each Regional Network and strengthen by executives being elected from the representation of the entire regions. The objective is to support the regional Networks to be active and influential in monitoring the implementation of the Gambia Education Policy to better meet the needs of communities especially of vulnerable and marginalized populations.

The engagement was as a result of an assessment of the structures conducted from 29thj September to 1st of October,2020 which the findings identified the gaps and the need to support the institutionalization of these Regional Network of Mothers’ club Executive and to build their capacities to be better structured and more effective in monitoring the attendance and retention of girls as well as for vulnerable and marginalized children and youths in schools. The activity was also meant to promote the network’s community participation to improved learning outcomes and sustainable development.



LRR Mothers’ Club Regional Network Executive       CRR/S Mothers’ Club Regional Network Executive

CRR/S Mothers’ Club Regional Network Executive

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