Conduct of Annual General Meeting of the Regional Network of Mothers’ Clubs NBR & LRR

FAWE Gambia in its bid to develop and strengthen the coordination system of the Regional Network of Mothers will conduct an Annual General Meeting of the Lower River Region (LRR) and North Bank Region (NBR) Network of Mothers with funding from UNICEF and in collaboration with the Gender Unit of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education in Farafenni NBR on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2018.

The Network of Mothers Clubs is made up of cluster representatives of the Mothers Clubs Presidents from the schools attached in their communities, they meet regularly to coordinate the work of the individual Mothers Clubs and to consolidate the gains and achievements to advance the efforts of their individual clubs.

The two days meeting will bring together 100 delegates (50 from each region) representing Mothers Clubs from all parts of the LRR and NBR to discuss the work of the Mothers Clubs and the Network of Mothers Clubs in particular their success, challenges and the way forward for the network. The women will share experiences and lessons learned from their individual Mothers clubs what works in their communities and regions.

The executive of the Network of the Mothers clubs from both regions will have an opportunity to address the delegates of the General Assembly, present their report and discuss the successes and challenges in their Regions.

At the end of the meeting the women will be able to map out a way forward for the Mothers Clubs and the Network of Mothers Clubs in their regions.

Original Post Date: 22nd February 2018

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