Outreach of Programs

<p><font color="#000000">FAWEGAM Operates Nationwide. Its target beneficiaries are girls in school they support the TUSEME clubs. It also support the women linked with education of girls as in the case of the mothers clubs. FAWEGAM’s added value is its experience in grassroots programs rendering support to vulnerable girls who are hard to reach and are outside the scope of governments interventions and vast experience in intervention of early marriage or domestic violence.<br><b><br>To support FAWEGAM achieve its targets in empowerment of women and girls:<br><br>Please send your support to Eco Bank Gambia c/o FAWEGAM :</b><br><br>Account Number – <b>0010084901080201</b><br><br>BBAN Number – <b>00 8201008108020158</b></font></p>